X-Wing: IFF Scrambled! Tournament

February 8, 2019

March 16, 2019 @ 1:00 pm

There’s been an IFF (Identify Friend-Foe) malfunction, and the lines between Empire, Rebel and Scum are in chaos!

In this casual X-Wing tournament, make the most of another faction’s strengths by teaming up with one of their ships.

Registration: 1:00PM
Event Start: 1:30PM
Three Swiss-style rounds, 75 mins each

Squad Building

  • Bring a 200-point list;
  • You must include exactly 1 ship that is not in your list’s faction;
    • That ship must not be the most expensive ship in the list, and cannot have any faction specific upgrades
    • That ship’s pilot MAY be unique


  • All Participants will receive an extended art double-sided Bounty Hunter Firespray and Gray Squadron Y-Wing card;
  • Additional prizes include acrylic seismic device tokens, an extended art double-sided plastic Bounty Hunter Firespray and Gray Squadron Y-Wing card for our winner, and more.



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