Ultimate Werewolf Night

December 4, 2018

December 20, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
100 MVP Points or $3

Come spend a night or two in an unnamed local town.

Rumor is there may be werewolves roaming the town. Survive each day and night to see whether the villagers will drive out the werewolves or become the werewolves’ meal.

In Ultimate Werewolf, you’ll be given a secret identity when the game begins. Perhaps you’re an innocent villager, a wise Seer, the town Doctor—or you may be a Werewolf!

It’s up to the village to discover the wolves among them as quickly as possible, because every night when the torches go out, the werewolves will claim another victim.

All Players Welcome!
Whether you’re an old hand at Werewolf games, or you’ve never heard of them before, we’d love for you to join our little village for the night and play a few rounds with us. The rules of the game will be explained before we begin.

Andy B

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