Team Tournament – Rivals of Ixalan

January 31, 2018

March 17, 2018 @ 11:00 am
Team Entry: $50 (yes, we can split this three ways at the register)

Still need a team? Stop in between 11:00AM and 11:45AM on the day of the event to see if there are other players looking for teammates!

Gather your team of three. Assemble your decks. Achieve great victory!

Team Sealed will challenge your team of three players to build three decks out of twelve boosters, one deck for each teammate.

Compete against other teams all afternoon. Once two players on a team defeat their opponents, that team wins the match!

Registration: 11:00AM
Deckbuilding: Noon
Round One Start: 1:00PM

Team Registration:
Players per team: 3

We’ll need the name of your Team Leader when you register. Your full team will need to check-in together on the day of the event.

Need a team? Stop in during registration, and we’ll do our best to find you some teammates for the event!

Pre-Register Today!




Event Structure & Format

  • Sealed Pack Distribution (per team): 8x Rivals of Ixalan, 4x Ixalan
  • Select a Team Name! The Steamflogger Middlemen? GearHulking Out? Just as long as it’s name that you want to go down in history.
  • Declare for your team’s Home Store. Do you fly the banner for Greenfield, Bayshore or Mayfair?
  • You will have approximately one hour to build your decks as a team.
    • All cards opened in your team’s packs are considered your collective card pool. Any of those cards can be included in any of your three decks.
  • After deckbuilding, teams will compete in a number of Swiss rounds, dependent on attendance.

About Playing a Team Match:
In a team match, players battle other teams of three with their decks, pairing off into individual best-of-three matches. When a team has two players win their individual matches, the whole team wins the team match.

Event Prizes:
All participating* teams will select a Prize Pack based on final standings.

Prize Packs can include Champion playmats, booster packs, apparel, promos, and more.

Plus, the winning team’s store will be named this season’s Team Champion titleholder.

*Teams must participate in every round in order to select a Prize Pack.


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