Prerelease at the Pub: Guilds of Ravnica

September 7, 2018

September 29, 2018 @ 11:30 am
Oak & Shield Pub
$100 per Team

Tasty Izzet Eating, Boros and Golgari-themed drinks, Two-Headed Giants, and more! Join us for our first-ever Magic Prerelease at Oak & Shield Pub!

We know Two-Headed Giants get hungry, so we’re buffet during deckbuilding (included with your ticket), and themed drinks, the Boros Brew and Golgari Gulp, available in All-Ages and 21+ versions.

As a participant in this Two-Headed Giant event, you’ll be among the first to return to Ravnica once again. Choose your guild, open six booster packs, build a deck and compete for packs and prizes!

Get your team’s ticket today, and you’ll have an earlier pick at which guilds your prerelease packs will feature!


Event Structure
11:30AM check-in. Event begins at Noon. 3 rounds.


(All registration for this event will close at 11:59pm on Thursday, September 27.)

Please Note: Event tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable.
Players will select their guild from the available prerelease packs based on order of registration.




Prerelease Format: Two Headed Giant
In the Two-Headed Giant cooperative Magic: the Gathering format, each team’s two players share turns and life totals, while fighting together against another pair of players. Learn more about the Two-Headed Giant format here.

Each player on your team will receive a booster pack for every match your team wins.
Everyone leaves with something! Players who drop out early still receive a pack per completed match they won! Even if you lose all of your matches, you still receive a single booster pack as a prize – so long as you played all your matches.

Tasty Izzet Eating
Order Ravnican delicacies from our Prerelease Menu (included in your ticket cost), and eat while you deckbuild! See the full menu below.

Fine Ravnican Drinking
Try out specialty Ravnican cocktails, the Boros Brew and Golgari Gulps, available in 21+ and non-alcoholic versions!

All Ages Welcome
The pub is All Ages until 10:00pm. This prerelease event is scheduled to end at approximately 4:00pm.


The Prerelease Menu!

The Wings of Aurelia – Hand-breaded chicken strips
The Guildpact Halfwrap – Grilled buffalo chicken, lettuce, bleu cheese crumbles
Nissa’s Harvest Halfwrap – Veggie wrap with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, avocado and hummus
Goblin Stew – Bowl of Chili
Ravnica Dog – Brat & a Bun

Izzet Grenades
– Jalapeño Poppers
Golgari Mac Pods – Deep fried mac and cheese balls with jalapeño and chipotle ranch dip
Minotaur Delights – Hand-wrapped chicken bacon ranch wontons with ranch
The Undercity’s Gift – Potato Salad
Collected Cabbagery – Side of Coleslaw
Selesnyan Spring Greens – Side Salad with your choice of dressing

Ajani Tots
– Basket of Tots
Webs of Dimir – Basket of Waffle Fries
Loxodon Surprise – Traditional hummus dip with fresh seasonal veggies.

Soft drinks will be provided!

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