Planeswalker Weekend: War of the Spark

April 11, 2019

May 25, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
Bayshore & Greenfield

Welcome to Planeswalker Weekend!

This is the Bayshore/Greenfield Saturday event.
Click here for Mayfair’s Sunday event.

Six-Pack Sealed at Noon

Open six packs of War of the Spark, and build a deck from their contents. Then we’ll play Magic all afternoon, and take home some great prizes!

Special Rule: Any-Color Planeswalker Casting

Planeswalker cards will be castable using mana of any color! This means that you will have the option to play every Planeswalker you open, regardless of the colors of your deck.

Everyone leaves with prizes!

  • Full art Time Wipe promos
  • Alternate art Karn’s Bastion promos
  • Champion Playmat for our Winner

Andy B

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