Painting Workshop: Assembly Line, Speed Painting, Freehand Techniques, Putting it all together

September 5, 2016

May 20, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Build your miniature painting skills at Board Game Barrister!1979561_10201658614899511_813704527_n

Choose a miniature from our selection and finish it while you’re here. With the help of our experienced instructor, you’ll spend this 4-hour session learning and applying techniques to start painting miniatures that you can be proud of.

These workshops aim to benefit painters of all experience levels, whether you’re brand new to painting miniatures or looking to expand your current skillset.


This Session: Assembly Line, Speed Painting, Freehand Techniques, Putting it all together
During this session, we’ll cover the concepts involved in simultaneously painting a group of similar miniatures, as well as adding freehand designs and flourishes to your work. After that, our instructor Scott will talk some about the overall painting process and answer your questions.amanozako

Special session! Because we’ll be covering techniques for painting multiple miniatures at once, all attendees should select a blister that includes more than one miniature. (For example: Skeleton Archers x3, or Mouslings x2)

No materials or experience required. We will provide everything you need for the workshop, from the brushes and paints, to the miniature itself!


Upcoming Workshops:

  • June 3: Prep, Basecoats, Drybrushing, and a dash of Color Theory
  • July 1: Wetbrushing, Layering, Washes, Inks
  • August 5: Shading, Mixing, OSL (Object Source Lighting) Basics



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