New Arrivals Game Day

March 7, 2019

March 16, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Help us celebrate New Arrivals seasons with an afternoon where we play the new games… ALL OF THEM!

This Game Goes to Eleven
Embrace your inner metalhead as you attempt to play a card on your turn that brings the sum of the stack to exactly 11. If you do, you get to give the stack away to the player of your choice. But careful, if you push the stack over 11, it’s yours.

If you find the Rocker “11” card, you can set the stack to 11, no matter its current sum—but the librarian “0” card directly counters the rocker and resets the stack to 0.

First player to run out of cards wins!


Hello, My Name Is
Can you name a famous person who is an actor, educated, funny and British? How about an athlete who’s hated and bearded?

Each round, you and your fellow players will select one adjective card each from your hands, then reveal them. Stack the cards according to their color (blue with blue, purple with purple, etc).

Each stack now represents a challenge—race to name someone who fits a stack to score those cards!


Race to create “Zangles,” sets of 3 or more cards in which one card pattern is perfectly created by combining the rest of the cards.

Your goal is to use your entire deck of cards in Zangles, but you can only have four cards faceup at a time, so you’ll need to use the neutral cards in the center to help you. The first player to use their entire deck wins!


On its surface, Bllox is a block-stacking racing game. The first player to build the structure on the card wins.

However, it quickly becomes MUCH more interesting. Add Wacky Pack challenges that will have you stacking while standing on one leg or using only your left hand—or split into 2-player teams and take on even sillier challenges together!

Watch the Barristers take on the Wacky Pack challenges.


More Games Coming: There are always more new arrivals, and we’ll play anything new that comes out prior to this event!

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