KeyForge Sealed Tournament: Age of Ascension

May 13, 2019

June 15, 2019 @ 11:00 am

Age of Ascension arrives May 30 – celebrate the new set with a Sealed KeyForge Tournament!

Crack open a fresh Age of Ascension deck and play for exciting prizes.

Registration: 11:00AM
Round One Start: 11:30AM

Adaptive Format
In the Adaptive variant, you and your opponent play best two out of three. Game one, you use your deck. Game two, you use your opponent’s deck. If there’s a third game, you bid chains for the deck that won the previous two games.

Tournament Structure
Players will be paired for three of Swiss-style rounds.
Round Length: 75 Minutes

New Mars Prizes!
Prizes for this event will include Mars-themed double-sided active house cards and key cards, deck boxes, and one or more playmats, depending on attendance!

Erik S

Erik is a barrister at Bayshore mall. He is most commonly referred to as "Doc" by his friends and is a font of useless information on all topics of RPGs. When not ranting about different role playing game systems, narrative vs simulationist play, or anything to do with education you'll find him helping with Keyforge events or running the kids D&D tables on weekends. He is also a part time mad scientist that is definitely NOT planning world domination using pink fluffy bunnies of DOOM.

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