Hour of Devastation Launch Weekend

April 5, 2017

July 14, 2017 – July 16, 2017 all-day
Bayshore, Greenfield & Mayfair

It’s time to celebrate the launch of Hour of Devastation! Join us all weekend to open some new cards and play the new set in exciting events!


__________Friday Night Magic__________
Bayshore, Greenfield & Mayfair – 6:30pm

Put your new cards and decks to the test! Hour of Devastation will be legal in Standard, Modern and Commander on Friday, July 14, so join us for an epic Friday Night Magic and witness the arrival of the gods of Hour of Devastation.


__________Launch Drafts__________
Friday through Sunday – All Stores – $15 Entry

Launch Weekend is now Draft Weekend! Join us for a series of Hour of Devastation booster drafts. We’ll have promos, prizes and more, so crack some packs and try out the new mechanics in everyone’s favorite sealed format.

Here are our scheduled Draft times for the weekend of July 14-16:

  • Friday @ 6:30pm (6:00pm at Mayfair)
  • Saturday @ Noon
  • Sunday @ 1:00pm

Want to draft another time?
We can launch a draft anytime all weekend, so if you have a group of players who want to open some packs, stop in and we’ll set you up! (All drafts must begin at least four hours prior to store close.)


__________Hour of Devastation Bundle Brawl__________
Saturday, July 15 – Greenfield ONLY – $45 Entry

Crack open an Hour of Devastation Bundle. Build a deck from its contents. Compete for prizes and glory!

Registration: 11:30am. Deckbuilding: Noon.

Build a limited deck (40-card minimum) using the contents of your Bundle. That’s 10 booster packs and 80 basic lands.

This event will take place over a number of Swiss rounds based on attendance. All players receive a Launch promo card (while supplies last), and the Top 8 players will receive MVP points for prizes.

We want your land packs!
Got too many lands at home? Want a few extra MVP points? We’ll give you 100 points for your Bundle’s land pack! Just bring the pack up to the counter, and a Barrister will get you set up.


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