Award Winning Radio

May 6, 2018

One of the most-fun things I get to do is be “the voice” of the Board Game Barrister on the radio.  I’ve recorded fun spots for contests, supported public radio on WUWM (I don’t get to record these myself, alas), and learned a ton working with some really talented sound engineers who knew their craft (Jim Gilles, here’s looking at you).  But nothing has been as much fun as working with the amazing Joe Meinecke at 102.9 The Hog.  He is a consummate geek who gets all of the silly references I work into my scripts, he takes it to the next level with his technical chops to produce some really great radio.

Sure, I’m paying to advertise on the radio.  But I feel that if I’m going to ask for 60 seconds of your attention to tell you about the Board Game Barrister, I want to give something back to you.  Information, sure; perhaps a little story; ideally some entertainment that brings a smile to your face.  The best is when I can hit all those notes in a way that is ideal for the medium of broadcast radio, and that is where Joe brings his skill and creativity to bear.

Yesterday, Joe was honored by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association with an award for Most Entertaining Commercial, and it was for one he did for us featuring Boss Monster, Unearth, and Photosynthesis.  You can hear the Boss Monster/ Unearth / Photosynthesis spot here.

Lynn and I were recently back in Joe’s studio to record a spot for the Oak & Shield Gaming Pub.  It was so much fun, and the spot is wonderful.  I think Joe has another award winner on his hands, if I do say so myself.  You can hear the Oak & Shield spot here.  I’m super proud of it.

Gordon L.

Gordon, a.k.a. "the" Barrister, or simply "G", opened the first Board Game Barrister store in 2005 in a fit of delusion: that he could both finish up law school and start a retail business - one has worked out, the other less so. Gordon loves working in the toy industry, which is filled with wonderful people who love what they do; he loves working with his fellow Barristers; and he loves the community of people that has grown around the playing of games together at the Board Game Barrister stores. If Gordon were a Dungeons & Dragons character, he would be a lawful goody-two-shoes silicon wizard with a skills in perl and complex compound sentences. Gordon loves many games, but when forced to choose he went with China, Power Grid, Lost Cities, and Empire Builder.

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