Great Small Games: Hanabi

September 6, 2016

HanabiCoverArtSo you like card games, eh? You like collecting different sets of cards and then playing them? Does it make you feel good when you’re able t o put together a really good combination of cards? Well, you know what’s …

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Welcome to the 51st State

August 24, 2016

51stStateBoxThe world as you know it is gone. The United States has crumbled and those that survived its fall are starting to rebuild in what is left. Four factions are struggling to carve out their own little place in the …

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Perception Check: Stranger Things and Games on TV

August 22, 2016

Spoilers Ahead!
This post will contain minor spoilers for Netflix’s recently released show
Stranger Things. If you don’t want anything given away, stop reading now.StrangerThingsTitle

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve become thoroughly addicted to the most recent Netflix

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Setting the Table: The Hunters’ Guild

August 20, 2016

Hunters1Back to the Guild Ball pitch we go! Season 2 has brought a lot to the game: new captains, mascots, models, and even plot cards. But one of the most exciting things to be introduced was the new team, the …

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Games for Two: Patchwork

August 18, 2016

patchwork1Although board games are undergoing something of a renaissance right now, it’s still hard to find good games that are strictly for two players. As most contemporary board games rely on variants and different rule sets in order to accommodate

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Barrister Glenn Conquers the True Dungeon

August 16, 2016

truedungeonGen Con has come and gone once again, dice were rolled, monsters were slain, and many dollars were spent. There are so many events happening in the span of those four days that picking the ones that will give you …

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Setting the Table: The Butchers’ Guild

August 13, 2016

ButchersBlog3Even after a few blog posts and a ton of time spent playing the game, I still have an appetite both for talking about and playing Guild Ball. So I’m getting right back into it, both to spread the word …

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Why It’s Awesome: Mystic Vale

August 12, 2016

MysticVale1You’ve probably heard of deckbuilding games, the genre that was made popular all the back in 2008 by a little game called Dominion. But have you heard of “card crafting” games? In an attempt to shake up the genre,

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Setting the Table: The Brewers’ Guild

August 2, 2016

brewers4Who among us hasn’t run into some person somewhere who’s been out to the bars a bit too late and had a few too many to drink? Just about all of us. Some of us may have even been that …

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Cool Kids’ Game: Doodle Quest

August 1, 2016

I’ll confess: I’ve been somewhat neglectful of kids’ games in my blog posts. Other than writing about Spot It!, I really haven’t highlighted any other games for the younger crowd here. Well, that changes today because there’s a kids’

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