Real-time Game Alert: FUSE

March 16, 2016

FuseCoverYou guys know that I’m a sucker for games that are played in real time. One of my very first posts here was on the real-time (as well my all-time favorite) game Escape: The Curse of the Temple. Luckily …

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Why I Foster

March 12, 2016

I started fostering in Fall 2012 for New Life Cat Rescue, a small locally run shelter in West Allis, and I loved it. I started out with adult cats, but I quickly moved on to pregnant cats or young litters. …

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Netrunner League Report: Deck-Building Blues

March 10, 2016

NetrunnerArt5Our Netrunner league got underway a couple weeks back and it was the first time I’d tried the game in anything resembling competitive play. The results were, shall we say, not great. A large part of this had to do

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Why it’s Awesome: Fury of Dracula, 3rd Edition

March 5, 2016

FuryofDraculaIf you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I’m a big fan of cooperative games a la Pandemic and Escape: The Curse of the Temple and that I’m into asymmetric games like Netrunner. You’d think that it would

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Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is the Choose-your-own-Adventure Story of your Dreams

March 1, 2016

I loved to read when I was a kid, especially mystery stories. I read everything I coSherlockHolmesCDuld get my hands on, from The Hardy Boys to The Three  Investigators. Around the same time, I was also into

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Netrunner diary: I’m back!!

February 24, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.59.50 PMAt long last, after holiday traveling, celebrations, and drafting a new syllabus that resulted in just over a month without any new Netrunner posts, I’m back. I know you’ve missed this. As it turns out, not playing Netrunner in over …

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What the heck is the difference between Armada and X-Wing?

February 23, 2016

XWingImageSo excitement for Star Wars is at an all-time high. The Force Awakens just came out and is pretty amazing, they’ve already begun work on Episode VIII, and if that wasn’t enough, we’re getting a  Star Wars anthology film, Rogue

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Worst. Year. Ever. My (spoiler-free) impressions of the first month of Pandemic Legacy

February 17, 2016

At long last, it finally happened: I got to play Pandemic Legacy. My copy had been languishing away on the shelf over the holidays, but no more. Cards were drawn from the Legacy deck, compartments were opened, components were

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Why It’s Awesome: Jungle Speed

January 30, 2016

JungleSpeedPiecesI’ll admit it: sometimes I get caught up in games that only appeal to a niche audience. Despite my belief that even the most complicated games can be enjoyed by everyone, I also recognize that not everyone is actually

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Malifaux: Here We Go Again

January 29, 2016

Hear this, brothers and sisters of the resistance. The Guild is not the indomitable power many think it to be. They can be defeated and their tyranny can be brought to an end. Read this report and know that we …

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