Barrister Hugh on Star Wars Hype

December 12, 2015


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Have you felt it? It’s the new Star Wars movie. It’s coming out. And it’s coming out in just a few days. That’s pretty exciting. I was just too young to know how exciting it really was …

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Great Small Games: Love Letter

December 10, 2015

loveletterpouchBoard game boxes are one of the more fascinating aspects of the overall experience of a game. A box is expected to catch your eye and communicate everything you need to know about a game  before you even pick it …

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Netrunner Diary: Fun with Combos

December 3, 2015

gabrielsantiagoNetrunner is, among many other things, a game of synergy. As both the runner and the corp, you need to make the most efficient use of all four of your clicks every turn if you ever hope to gain an …

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What’s to love about Malifaux?

December 1, 2015

I started to play Malifaux over the summer, and it has since become one of my favorite games. Malifaux1

Based in a parallel Earth, the Malifaux system uses gothic, steampunk, victorian horror and western themes to create a miniatures skirmish game …

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On Complex Games

November 28, 2015

So board games these days can be pretty complex. Gone are the days when all we expected out of our games was to roll some dice and move some spaces. Now you have character sheets, action points, dozens of …

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Netrunner diary 11/16: My first win as a Runner

November 23, 2015

NetrunnerArt5If you read my earlier Netrunner post, you know I’m just getting started out with this brilliantly difficult game. I want to share my travails with you every week to show you that learning a new game—even one as complicated …

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Gateway games that aren’t Catan, Carcassonne or Ticket to Ride

November 22, 2015

If you’re a big-time gamer that lacks a dedicated group to play with you know how hard it can be to convince your friends or family to give a new game a spin. I have this problem all the time. …

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Always Be Running: One Barrister’s Attempt to Break into the World of Android: Netrunner

November 16, 2015

NetrunnerMainMy palms were sweaty as I stared at my computer screen. The remote Jinteki server was staring back at me invitingly, as if it were almost beckoning me to take a peek at what it was hiding.  Taking a deep …

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Expanding Expansions: What Makes a Good Expansion?

November 9, 2015

PandemicExpansionsStep into almost any game store and one thing will become quite obvious: There’s more there than just games. In addition to all the products that supplement games – card sleeves, deck boxes, extra tokens and other components – you’ll …

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Barrister Glenn Reviews: Mysterium

November 6, 2015

Murder most foul has left one poor soul to suffer on as a ghost, unable to pass on until the crime is solved. A group of gifted mediums have gathered together to help, but the ghost, unable to speak, can …

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