Another way to play X-Wing: Missions

July 25, 2016

As many of you know, the X-Wing Miniatures Game is pretty great. It’s easy to learn, the pre-painted miniatures look great, and is relatively affordable compared to other minis games. Better yet, the game captures the frenetic excitement of the …

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Games I’m excited about: Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space

July 23, 2016

EscapefromtheAliensinOuterSpaceIt’s rare that I write about a game that I haven’t played yet, but every so often a game enters the store that’s so intriguing I can’t help but mention it. Right now, that game is Escape From the Aliens

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Great Small Games: Coup

July 21, 2016

CoupBoxIt’s summer, which means that it’s time for light and quick games. Who wants to get bogged down in a dense web of rules and components this time of year? I mean, Dead of Winter is great, but I don’t …

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Setting the Table: A Closer Look at the Fishermen’s Guild

July 8, 2016

I’m back with more Guild Ball coverage, this time with a closer look at one of the nine guilds which are available for play. Today I’ll be looking at my personal favorite, the Fisherman’s Guild. Let’s get to it!

FishPost1The …

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The Grizzled: A Love Story

June 29, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.16.57 AMWith this week seeing the release of its first expansion, I think it’s only fair I spend some time writing about one of my absolute favorite games: The Grizzled.

At any given point in time, I court a number …

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Tell your own Story with Tales of the Arabian Nights

June 22, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 5.28.01 PMThere are many different types of games. Much of this classification is done based on a game’s mechanics. There are worker placement games, for example. There are miniatures games. There are area control games and economic games. Heck, there are …

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Setting the Table: Meet the Guilds

June 15, 2016

I’m back and talking about Guild Ball again. I know I should play/talk about different games (I know my roommate wishes I would), but I’m having so much fun that I haven’t really felt the need to for a while. …

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A New Species of Miniature Game

June 7, 2016

There’s a new species of miniature game in town, and it’s taking Board Game Barrister by storm!

I used to play Warhammer, and boy did I love it. My brother and I would spend entire days assembling our armies and …

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My gateway game: Carcassonne

June 4, 2016

Carcassonne1I had my first opportunity to play The Castles of Burgundy recently, and the game did not disappoint. It was a fun game full of interesting choices well worth its spot in BoardGameGeek’s top 10. With a little more time …

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Netrunner League Wrap-up: I finally won a game!!

May 31, 2016

Our winter/spring Netrunner league wrapped up earlier this month. It was my first experience with more-than-casual Netrunner, and I can safely say that I learned a lot about the game, as well as the state of the meta (of …

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