Malifaux: Here We Go Again

January 29, 2016

Hear this, brothers and sisters of the resistance. The Guild is not the indomitable power many think it to be. They can be defeated and their tyranny can be brought to an end. Read this report and know that we …

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Unboxing Pandemic Legacy

January 22, 2016

IMG_1420It’s been just about a month since I picked up my copy of Pandemic Legacy and expressed how excited I was about the game in blog post form. In the meantime, the game has been receiving glowing reviews and

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JJ Reviews: Monarch

January 6, 2016

MonarchArt The current queen has taken ill, and it is only a matter of time before a successor will be needed. In the remaining time, each sister will prove herself by managing the kingdom, taxing its patrons, improving crop harvests, and

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Women in Game Design; a look at Monarch

January 5, 2016


Board Game Barrister recently started carrying a game called Monarch by Mary Flanagan. The game got me excited, not the usual way I’d be about the number of miniatures, game play reviews, or flashy art, but because its designer is …

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Hugh’s Thoughts on Battle Sheep

January 2, 2016

BattleSheepSheep.  A pile of sheep.  Like a really tall pile of sheep.  Angry sheep.  Like, ba-a-a-h-d that things are about to go down.  I couldn’t resist the ba-a-a-h-d pun… I’ll stop now.

I’m talking about Battle Sheep.  It’s a really …

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Game at a Glance: Spyfall

December 26, 2015

spyfallboxA few weeks ago I got to try out a fun, new game called Spyfall.  In Spyfall, one person is a spy.  Like all spies, he (or she) is trying to get information. Now, unlike most spies, this spy isn’t …

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On the Brink of Pandemic Legacy

December 14, 2015

PandemicLegacyTopSecretOne of things we come to expect of board games is that they start over every time we play them. No matter what happened the last time, each new game starts over from scratch. It’s like hitting the reset button …

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Why It’s Awesome: Hive

December 12, 2015

HiveBoxI get a lot of people who come into the store asking for good two-player games. It’s a tough question. There are a lot of great games out there for just two players, it really depends on what kind of …

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Barrister Hugh on Star Wars Hype


Photo via

Have you felt it? It’s the new Star Wars movie. It’s coming out. And it’s coming out in just a few days. That’s pretty exciting. I was just too young to know how exciting it really was …

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Great Small Games: Love Letter

December 10, 2015

loveletterpouchBoard game boxes are one of the more fascinating aspects of the overall experience of a game. A box is expected to catch your eye and communicate everything you need to know about a game  before you even pick it …

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