A Well Needed Update

September 11, 2017

An entry from the adventures of Mayfair’s Wednesday Night D&D Group! Catch up on the story with last time’s entry!

It has been too long since I have logged an entry. So much has happened, and all so very quickly that it became hard to keep up. We have met many new friends, and some others have left. This entry should serve as a highlight reel of what we have done thus far.

When we last left off, we had to enter a drow cave, and take back the mines for Ridgenail. The Fort presented many problems for our party, as Hirgon failed to climb a wall, while Praxis and Ander overcomplicated that act of pushing a door open.  We sent the drow army back and faced off with their leader. Before all that we met one of the enemies, I think his name was Dar’cnyss. With the win in our pocket, we moved on.

Our Journey back to Forest Top was very uneventful. Right before arriving at the lift, we heard noises. As it turned out, the Nobleman from Forest Top was there to greet us. He told us a tale of how the his King was in league with the drow and was working with a group to find something. He warned us, that with the city under the King’s rule, they would be out to get us. On that note, he told us where we could seek shelter, a place called Srycton.

We chose to head towards a magically sealed town known as Phorentlas. On the way, the Grand Elder Tree found a way to pull us toward it. It sensed us because of a piece of itself that Hirgon had kept. The Grand Elder Tree explained how it was the eldest thing on the island. It warned us that we were heading directly toward a roost of green dragons and steered us clear of the danger. Calloway, the Druid, was given a Golden Acorn before we were sent on our way.

We stopped back at Phoetes, which appeared to be prospering. The Potion Master there was very thankful for our help before. When one of us mentioned Phorentlas, he mentioned that is where all his potions come from. So we used his way in, and entered Phorentlas.

Inside, Phorentlas was erie. The town had a weird tint to it. The Wizard Tower was the source of all of it. However there was no way in that we could see. Searching the town, we found a paper with a scrawled riddle. We guessed right and a doorway appeared into the Wizard’s Tower.

The Tower was full of hoops we had to pass through, but it got intense at the top. We met Durnas, a half-orc fighter for the Black Oroborus team. Praxis and others wanted to talk him down, but it did not happen. He fought all of us on his own, and lost when he got stunned by Pratax. Dar’Cnyss appeared and claimed him back, leaving the party a tad upset.

Next we had to fight a revenant of the wizard in this tower. Archie the Owl went up to explore, but was taken down. This filled the group with anger and a new sense of purpose, despite him just being a familiar. It was not long, before he fell, and the erie magic that had hold of this town fell with him.

Next, was a bit of backtracking to Scryton. However, Calloway used the Golden Acorn to contact The Grand Elder Tree, and it provided us a ride on the back of the green dragon. Once it had made its delivery, the dragon left us to our own.

At the gate door, we needed a password to get in. No one knew the password. Many guesses were made, but we noted a remarkable code of arms on the door’s surface. The password was on it, written in an elder language. Saying it allowed us all in. Soon, we met Clay Thomas, son of the true King of this Island.

On his orders, we have been told to kill the False King. Basically, that means going through two towns controlled by him. Not an easy task.

Next came Mt. Pyris Ridge. We tried to be sneaky, but that proved difficult in an open field leading to a town. Without any helpful cover, we found ourselves faced by a welcoming party: 4 of the Black Oroborus team and the King’s guard. Dar’cnyss fell first, then the rest followed, but before we could lick our wounds, 14 more guards showed up and we were taken prisoner.

Good news, we were not their for long. The Nobleman, I wish I could remember his name, came and showed us a way out. The best part was, it lead to the cave that connected the two towns. So we headed through the cave, onward to the goal we have been looking for.

In the middle of the passageway, there was a giant chasm we needed to cross. It had a bridge, so no issues there, but right at the end there was a spidrake (A creature of Lolth, half spider, half dragon). When it fell, it destroyed the bridge on its way down. We all made it to safety, and decided to rest. That is when Do’Kann started an internal party fight over a shiny coin. To end it, I zapped him. I regret that now, knowing what happened next.

He journeyed to the bottom to claim a prize from the beast, and we believe the drow city down there burned him alive with the fallen spidrake that plagued them. With heavy hearts, we will move forward, til next week.

Theo C

One of the Mayfair Barristers, Theo runs the Wednesday night Dungeons & Dragons group.

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