A Speedy New Co-Op Favorite: Magic Maze

September 26, 2017

The thieves took everything—your swords, your gold, and the cloaks off your backs. It’s time to find some new gear in this fast-paced, cooperative game that gets harder the more you play.

In Magic Maze, you and up to SEVEN other players will work together to maneuver your adventurers through this maze of a mall. Race against the sandtimer as you attempt to get each adventurer to their color-matching shops, then to the exit before security catches up to you.

The catch? If only there was just one!

Catch #1: No one player is responsible for any one adventurer. Instead, each player will be assigned a direction (North, South, East, or West) and can move any adventurer—but ONLY in their direction. You’ll all need to do your part in navigating all four adventurers through the twists and turns ahead.

Catch #2: You may not speak, point or otherwise indicate any strategy to your fellow players for 90% of the game. There are two exceptions. One, anyone can set the big red pawn (pictured below) in front of a fellow player to indicate to them that they have a crucial move they’re missing. And two, every time an adventurer stops on a sandtimer space, your group gets to flip the sandtimer to buy more time, and you can now talk while times ticks down—but only until someone starts playing again.

This game demands teamwork and focus, and it makes for a truly amazing speedy co-op experience.

If you manage to beat the first scenario, Congratulations! You now get to dig out more tiles, add two new rules, and move on to Scenario 2. (That’s 2 of 17 by the way…)

We hope you’ll stop in and check out Magic Maze. We’d love you show you around!